The purpose and goal of NOPHNRCSE is to assist NRCS in the delivery of program benefits and services to the Hispanic community. By becoming a member of NOPHNRCSE, you will be part of an organization dedicated to the stewardship of our natural resources while working with Hispanic and non-Hispanic customers in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Listed below are some other benefits of joining.

  • Professional and career development – training, workshops and information on NRCS employment opportunities.
  • Leadership development – NOPHNRCSE leadership positions provide opportunities to plan and develop projects, coordinate with partners, and enhance leadership skills.
  • International conservation – interact with members who have completed NRCS international assignments and also volunteer for international assignments.
  • Public service – use your professional skills to assist NRCS provide services to the Hispanic community.
  • Members may request funds to engage in outreach activities to promote information about NRCS programs and training within NRCS. In order for NOPHNRCSE to fund an activity, a member has to submit a proposal to the regional representatives for review and ranking using the NOPHNRCSE Regional Proposal Activity Form.

You can become a NOPHNRCSE member online. Go to our How to Apply Membership tab.