A one year membership in NOPHNRCSE is only $30 a year. You can become a NOPHNRCSE member online (your dues will be paid via credit card) or by filling out a paper form and mailing it to the Chair of the Membership Committee.

Regular Membership via Payroll Deduction

If you are interested in paying your dues via payroll deduction, please download the membership application form, fill out and send to the person indicated on the form. You also need to download the Payroll Deduction form and take it to your personnel office. They are the only ones who can activate the allotment at NFC. This process is not available for employees to do from the NFC Employee Personal Page.

Become a member online
  • Complete Membership Application Online (Note: you will need to be a registered user of this website and logged on to access this form. Use the login form on the right to login or to become a registered user).

Lifetime Membership

Note:  Currently we are not accepting checks for any form of membership until further notice. Will keep you updated for any changes in regards to this matter.