I have lived most of my life near Phoenix, Arizona with my parents and two younger siblings. I’m currently attending Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. I am currently a junior, and I’m pursuing a B.S. in Supply Chain Management. I enjoy learning about Supply Chain Management because it exposes me to a variety of topics, such as logistics, data analytics, and procurement.

I started with AZ NRCS as a 3rd party intern with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) from June to December 2023. HACU provided me with career development opportunities outside of AZ, such as attending an orientation in Washington D.C. which allowed me to talk with other interns across the country. I was able to support Employee Engagement initiatives in AZ NRCS, and I saw the wide reach of NRCS and how diverse the opportunities at this agency are.


In January 2024, I started as a Pathways intern with AZ NRCS in Phoenix. I am a Management Analyst intern, and I am learning a lot about procurement and data collection. I have been able to learn about management and communication, which provides me real world examples of the responsibilities of Supply Chain professionals. I’m excited to gain new skills and opportunities in the future with NRCS.