In accordance with article X of the constitution, the Nominations/Elections Committee is conducting the 2015 elections of the following positions: Vice-President, Treasurer, and the Regional Representatives for South Central, Southeast, and West regions. We did not receive nominations for Southeast and West Regional Representatives, therefore we will be accepting “write in” candidates.  Please ensure that they have accepted the nomination, are in good standing, and ready to serve on the national council.

Note: You can only vote for your respective Regional Representative. See NOPHNRCSE Regions Map to locate your region.

 Deadline to Submit Online Ballot is February 5, 2016


Voter Eligibility
  • Person voting must be a member in good standing of NOPHNRCSE.
  • Member in good standing: NOPHNRCSE membership dues paid by October 30, 2015 and members participating in payroll allotment in 2015.
Voting Procedure

All NOPHNRCSE members in good standing can vote for Vice-President and Treasurer. Members from a respective region can vote for the Regional Representative candidate of their respective region: South Central, Southeast, and West regions. All ballots must be submitted online by February 5, 2016.

Questions about the Elections process should be directed via email to Kristin Graham Chavez or by phone at 505-761-4404.