Article I — Preamble

We the "National Organization of Professional Hispanic Natural Resources Conservation Service Employees" believe in the spirit of cooperation and support to the Natural Resources Conservation Service in its mission. We have elected to form an Organization in order to assist the NRCS deliver program benefits/services to the Hispanic community and showcase the value that Hispanics bring into any organization and the value that Hispanics will continue to bring to the Natural Resources Conservation Service. As a key component of a multi-culture and diverse workforce that provides for Hispanic employee representation at all levels in direct proportion to the population of Hispanic taxpayer/customers/stakeholders. We will serve as a strong link between NRCS and the Hispanic community. Membership in the Organization is open to all NRCS employees. With the following Charter and companion By-Laws, we will achieve our vision by:

  1. Assisting NRCS performance in the delivery of program benefits and services to the Hispanic community in the conservation of natural resources.
  2. Remaining a vital component of a multi-cultural workforce with Hispanics and NRCS as partners for success.
  3. Serving as the liaison between the Hispanic community and other NRCS colleagues.
  4. Assist Natural Resources Conservation Service in achieving equal representation of Hispanics in the workforce that leads toward a multi-cultural organization to improve the agency performance of assisting stakeholders in the conservation of natural resources.